Tasmanian Organic-Dynamic Producers Inc

An Introduction to T.O.P.

There has been a growing interest in organic agriculture both here in Australia and around the world with increasing numbers of farmers making the transition. This move has been driven by market demands for clean foods produced from low impact systems. In Europe, America, New Zealand and Australia there has been a steady increase in the numbers of farmers applying for accreditation.

Here in Australia numerous organizations have adopted the National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic produce. In short the organic agricultural movement has been recognised by Australian industry and governments as an important element of the rural economy. The ongoing Federal funding for research projects both here in Tasmania and on mainland Australia further illustrates the level of commitment and support.

The Tasmanian Organic-Dynamic Producers Incorporated (T.O.P) was formed in the early 1990’s to respond to calls from the rural sector for a body to represent and support Tasmanian growers. T.O.P. has developed an accreditation program to assist farmers who wish to convert their farms through to full certification. With over 100 members, of which 50% are accredited producers, T.O.P. has enjoyed a National profile with produce being sold both here in Tasmania and interstate. Our growers cover a wide commodity range from dairy, grains, vegetables, cheese, herbs, to apples, berry fruits, wine and beef.

T.O.P. continues to grow and represents an opportunity for the farming community to participate in new approaches to agriculture and to share in the exciting rewards on offer.

Interested farmers are urged to contact the Office Manager,

PO Box 13,
Campbell Town,
Tasmania 7210