Tasmanian Organic Network

Now is the Time

Around the world, demand for organic produce has grown tremendously in recent years, and this has led to shortages.

This in turn has led to easier and more profitable markets, so it makes sense to get in now.

Notable shortages are in certified organic wheat and milk.

The Need for an Organic Network

Although produce has been produced organically for thousands of years (until only recently), farmers have become accustomed to using fertilisers, pesticides, and weedkillers, quickly forgetting the old ways. Also, new organic farming methods are evolving.

Organic farming methods are very different, and newcomers can find adapting difficult without knowledge of the various techniques employed.

A network can help to share knowledge and create a support system between members.

Through the combined efforts of Tasmanian Organic Producers, NRM, and DPIPWE, the new Tasmanian Organic Network will address the issues by:-

  • Assisting and encouraging the use of organic farming methods.
  • Encouraging certification, and giving help during and after the conversion period.
  • Organising Field Days and talks across the three NRM regions, with speakers to include agricultural and marketing specialists, and experienced organic growers.
  • Creating and maintaining a database of organic consultants/specialists, and of sources of information.
  • Cooperating with Universities, including making suggestions for research and trials.
  • Encouraging direct sales and marketing (including box veggies).
  • Working together with the media to educate and inform consumers about the value of organic produce, labelling, etc.
  • Maintaining links with other groups world-wide.
  • Communicating directly with Australian certifying bodies.
  • Representation to local and State governments.

The Tasmanian Organic Network welcomes all farmers, organic or not, experienced or novice.

To join, (free of charge) contact TOP.